Friday, May 13, 2011

Running Start at Cabrillo, The Rapture & Judgment Day

Dear Cabrillo College Secular Student Alliance,

Please help me staff a table at Cabrillo College's Running Start event--to register and orient incoming fall freshmen--in the quad of the Aptos campus, 9 AM (8 AM set-up) to 3 PM, on Friday, May 20. This is just one day before THE RAPTURE and JUDGMENT DAY! Let's recruit on behalf of The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. And on Judgment Day itself, if you're still here, meaning you weren't taken to heaven as part of the Rapture, then consider joining Save Our Shores to clean up Seacliff State Beach, 10 AM to noon.


Monday, April 25, 2011

Meeting Agenda for today, April 25, 2011

Dear Secular Student Alliance,

Regular meeting today, 4-5ish PM, Monday, April 25, Room 226 of SAC East.


- Recruit volunteer secretary
- Update on VP Winter Egbers' efforts to get material from the national SSA for disseminating at a table during the Social Justice Conference this coming weekend, April 29 and 30
- Head count of those planning to attend dinner with Ted Cox and his girlfriend this Friday evening, April 29, 7 PM, Zelda's in Capitola Village
- Head count of those who can staff the Cabrillo SSA table at the conference on April 30 and of those who are planning to attend Ted's talk, "What I Learned at Straight Camp," at 12:15 PM in the 450 Forum
- Potential Flying Spaghetti Monster spaghetti feed in May to benefit charities


Friday, April 22, 2011

4.18.11 Minutes

Discussion focused on the upcoming Social Justice Conference (April 29-30) and one of the speakers appearing at this event on Saturday, April 30, 12:15 to 1:30 PM, in the 450 Forum--Ted Cox, presenting his talk on "What I Learned at Straight Camp." The Cabrillo Secular Student Alliance will take Ted and his girlfriend out to dinner at Zelda's in the Capitola Village on Friday evening, April 29, 7 PM. Please plan to meet at Zelda's at 7 PM to meet Ted Cox. Sonya will be picking Ted and his girlfriend up at the Capitola Inn about 6:40 PM.

Those who would rather attend the opening evening of the SJC in Watsonville, starting at 6 PM at the Watsonville Center, are certainly encouraged to do so. The SJC is free. As one of the speakers on April 30 is Sharaud Moore, one of the original "Freedom Writers" of southern CA, the conference will start April 29 with a free showing of the film "Freedom Writers." The film is at 7 PM.

Go to the Social Justice Conference web site for complete details. At the Cabrillo College web site, search for "5th annual social justice conference."

The Cabrillo Secular Student Alliance will also be tabling at the Social Justice Conference on April 30 in Aptos in the quad. We need volunteers to staff the table. Duties at the table will include handing out literature about the national SSA, answering questions about the SSA, and encouraging interested people to join the club by giving us their name and contact info on a sign-up sheet. VP Winter is in charge of contacting the national SSA office to get literature to hand out sent to us in time for the SJC, the weekend after this one.

Winter also agreed to help Sonya design a flier to advertise the SJC and in particular Ted Cox's appearance at the conference, but after the meeting, the SJC organizer Dr. Adela Najarro gave Sonya a large poster advertising the conference. This poster lists the speakers, including Ted Cox.

After discussion of the conference, discussion turned to Sonya's efforts to get other clubs to join the SSA in coming up with a charitable-cause plan for President Obama's Interfaith and Community Challenge to Colleges and Universities. Sonya reported that no club--not the Black Student Union or the Christian Club which is trying to get going again and so far not succeeding--have followed through in responding to Sonya's request to work together to create a charitable effort on which all campus clubs could unite.

As the above lack of interest in a cooperative plan is the case, Sonya suggested the SSA turn instead to focusing on its own solo plan to organize an event to raise money for local charities. She would like to have an event--a spaghetti feed--in May in the Aptos cafeteria. We need not limit ourselves to one charity. The three that have been suggested could all be recipients of funds raised: 2nd Harvest Food Bank, the Santa Cruz Women's Shelter, and the Western Service Workers Association. We could even allow spaghetti feed ticket buyers to choose which organization to support. We could ask those who buy a ticket to the spaghetti feed to bring a canned food item for the 2nd Harvest Food Bank. And, yes, Sonya chose a spaghetti feed so that we could do a tie-in, thematically, with the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. We could even dress as pirates, as pirates have special status in the CFSM. Those present talked of planning the event for the last two weeks of May. Do give feedback about this proposal.

Sonya also suggested that we look into T-shirts for the group, but those present weren't excited about the idea of spending more than $6 on a T-shirt.

The club still needs a secretary willing to type up minutes such as these. Please, someone, volunteer, and please, everyone, try to come to a meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

Sonya Newlyn

Monday, April 11, 2011

Bill Maher's Religulous from 4-6, Mon, Apr 11

Cabrillo SSA,

Remember that our meeting today from 4-6, Monday, April 11, is being held in SAC West, Room 202, instead of SAC East, Room 226. Also, remember that after taking care of club business the first 15 minutes of the meeting--including finding a new volunteer secretary to take Kevin Browning's place--we're going to watch Bill Maher's Religulous. I'm bringing popcorn popper, popcorn, crock pot, butter, salt, popping oil, and bowls, and some beverages on ice, but I recommend that you bring your own additional beverages (non-alcoholic) and snacks.


Monday, April 4, 2011

Minutes, 3.28.11

Meeting, March 28, 2011, 4-6 p.m., SAC East, Room 226

Attended: Sonya Newlyn (President), David Scott (Treasurer), Dennis Etler (Faculty Adviser), Kevin Browning (Secretary), Francisco Medina

We discussed who would be our elected officers, and established the roles stated above.

Kevin Browning and Sonya Newlyn volunteered for the Japan Relief Fundraiser, which turned out well, with many people lining up to buy food and raffle tickets.

Dennis Etler volunteered to create this blog site for our club, which is probably where you are reading this.

We talked about the Brown Act, and what it requires our club to do. These requirements might be posted somewhere on our blog site [soon].

We also talked about the Inter-Club Council and what it expects from our club. This might also be posted somewhere on our blog site [soon].

Another topic was which community organizations we’d like to help out as part of Obama’s Interfaith Initiative. Some organizations considered were the Santa Cruz Women’s Shelter, Western Service Workers, and the Second Harvest Food Bank. Which of these is still being decided.

We talked about when to view the movie Religulous, and decided on viewing it at our next meeting on April 11, 2011.

Because of a schedule conflict, I, Kevin Browning, will need to retire from my long-standing career as secretary of this club. A new volunteer secretary is needed.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Dear Cabrillo Secular Student Alliance,

Upcoming events:

Event 1

Meeting: April 11, 2011, 4-6 PM -- NOT in SAC East, Room 226 BUT in SAC West, Room 202

Agenda: Approve minutes from last meeting (1 minute)

Kevin Browning, our new volunteer secretary, will send these to me soon, I hope! Kevin, it would be great if you could put these in a comment on our public group Facebook page:!/home.php?sk=group_104029396341504

and/or put them in this new blog created by faculty adviser Dennis Etler.

Open forum discussion for ideas about President Obama's Interfaith and Community Challenge to colleges/universities. (10 minutes)

Watch Bill Maher's Religulous (until about 6 PM)

I'll bring my popcorn air-popper, some serving bowls, popcorn, crockpot, butter to melt, salt. I suggest everyone BYO non-alcoholic cold beverage, preferably in glass or aluminum or reusable containers. If someone could remember to bring napkins, that would be great.

If people want to hang around for just a bit after the movie, we can discuss it.

Event 2

Social Justice Conference at Cabrillo, April 29-30--FREE!

April 29, 6 PM-9 PM, Watsonville campus
6 PM is check-in/registration with a food reception
7-9 PM: Movie: The Freedom Writers

April 30 (Sat), 9 AM-3 PM, Aptos campus
Check the web site above for specifics, but please plan to attend:

Ted Cox: What I Learned at Straight Camp
12:15-1:30 PM, 450 Forum

I've registered the Cabrillo SSA for the conference, and I will start getting info from the national SSA to put out on a table to inform people about our group. I'm not sure, but I think we can table in Watsonville. I know for sure we can in Aptos.

Ted Cox is appearing in the conference upon my recommendation of him as a guest speaker for this event. I heard him speak at UCSC last November, when he was a guest speaker of the UCSC SSA. He was terrific! I would like to take Ted and his girlfriend out to dinner on April 29, somewhere in Capitola or Aptos. Do any of you have suggestions of a place that would be representative of our area but not terribly expensive? This will mean that I'm opting out of the movie Freedom Writers on the evening of April 29, the first event of the conference in Watsonville. I don't want to make you choose between the two possibilities, so if you're interested in the movie and going out to dinner with Ted Cox, maybe plan to rent the movie and watch it now!


Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cabrillo Secular Students Go On-line

Welcome to the Blog of the Cabrillo College Secular Student Alliance. Its just now up and running so be patient, we'll begin posting soon.